Kavitha Anand

I was born & raised in the ‘Gateway to South India’ popularly known as Chennai. My family hailing from the area was extremely rooted in the cultures, rituals and beliefs of the region. Humongous celebrations, colors adorning every corner of the house, delicious food and wearing clothes made of the finest materials continued throughout my life. Growing up I was wrapped around with innumerable stories about our ancestors, the rich history, the importance of each ritual and our golden mythology.  For years, I had noticed men & women wrapped up in fabrics to keep them warm during the winter season and mothers engulfing their little kids within the warmth of their shawls. I think Shawls have caught my eye since then and I found myself curious to know about the intrinsic designs embroidered over the fabric and the elegance it projects once wrapped.

Decades later, now in the US, as soon as my name pops up, people recognize me due to my undivided interest in fabrics and my sheer determination to show the world the true majestic beauty of the shawls. Coming from a humble background my family had limited outlook towards the fashion industry. When I started travelling throughout India, I remember interacting with the local weavers of the place to learn about the industry from grass-root levels.

I think Meraki was inscribed in my life, years before I had even thought about it, years I spent keeping my passion on the sidelines while I chose the science-math stream, completed my MBA, got married and shifted to the states in 2002, and stepped into the corporate world to start my career.  I was comfortable curating and managing everything behind the scenes, while people were attracted to the spotlight on the stage, I stood behind the curtains to make sure the spotlight fell on the right place. Soon after my son was born, I started orchestrating special themed birthday parties every year starting from Lion King, Donald Duck to Minions. I planned his birthday for weeks before it was executed. His unfiltered joy was my ultimate achievement but I observed how I brought together each element seamlessly to execute quite a big project. 

Today, Meraki is an extension of me, a brand that resonates with my journey and reflects the growth from the girl behind the cupboard to presenting myself to the world. Walking through the lanes of New York in the year 2019, trying to sell my ideas and showing my vision to the vendors solely with words, I realized even though Meraki pushed me out of my comfort zone, it’s probably the best thing I have culminated and the world needs to see the ‘timeless’ magic it beholds. I drew inspiration from my father’s business to start something from scratch and give 100% of my efforts to build it. Because, today I would bet my bottom dollar on believing that - “You become unstoppable when you realize that you can do it alone!” and with an amazing team you finally acknowledge the power you behold.